Vidloder Instagram Video Downloader: Download Instagram videos for free

GenZ is super obsessed with the idea of Instagram reels. The influencer era has made the youth addicted to social media. With the current obsession with content creation, many Instagram users save the videos they like. But given the number of saved reels, many videos get lost in the folder. Hence, the users are unable to access them.

Introducing Vidloader – An Instagram Video downloader! Now consumers can download their favourite reels and video and save them in their phone memory. Using the Instagram video downloader, people can access the reels which could have been lost in the vast sea of saved videos. Let us find out more about the free Instagram video downloader.

Instagram video downloader

The free Instagram video downloader is available on the Google play store and the Apple store. The Vidloader Instagram video downloader could be used to download any number of videos from apps such as Instagram, YouTube, and Facebook.

To use the free Instagram Video downloader, firstly, the user needs to download the application. Then using three easy steps, the user’s favourite video could be downloaded. The following steps could be used to download any video or reel using Instagram video downloader:

All the Instagram videos and reels have a three-dotted icon on the top right-hand corner of the screen. On clicking the three-dotted icon, the user can access the URL of the Instagram reel or video. Similarly, all youtube and Facebook videos also have a three-dotted option from where a user can access the URL of the video or reel.

The user then has to copy the URL from the accessed option. The URL has to be pasted on the Vidloder website. The URL pasting option is available right on the homepage of Vidloder. Once the link has been posted on the Vidloder website, users can see a download button. Once the user clicks the download button, the selected video starts downloading on the user’s device.

The Vidloader can download videos from four apps: Instagram, YouTube, TikTok and Facebook. The best feature of the Vidloder video downloader is that the downloaded video has no watermarks. Thus the downloaded video could be reposted anywhere. The absence of a watermark gives creative options to the user. The videos are downloaded in high-definition quality. The videos could be downloaded on any device, a personal computer, tablet, laptop or even a mobile phone.

Final words

Vidloader is a free Instagram video downloader available on the google play store or Apple store. The app is secure and does not use any personal information. Vidloader maintains the privacy of the user. The videos are downloaded in the best possible quality.

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