Tesla Design 3 Maintenance Expenses– Two Years Of Driving (Tires, Secured Trunk, 12V Battery).

We’ve had our Tesla Model 3 Repair Costs greater than 2 years now. I just recently had a service go to for a number of points, yet instead of create only about them, I figured it would certainly work for individuals to see our full service background with the vehicle. I’m mostly likely to step from latest to the very least recent, since the current stuff is extra intriguing. Below we go … Opening Trunk.

A few months earlier, I mostly likely to open up the trunk as well as it would not open. After a day of not obtaining it to open, and requiring to get some tennis tools from it for my little girls, I recognized I could be able to experience the rear seats and open it from the within. Indeed, that worked, because there’s a hand-operated lock in the trunk door. The trunk then functioned, so I figured it was just a short-term problem.

At around the same time, the backup electronic camera didn’t work a couple of times. Yet after that it came back as well as worked like normal.

We were going to Europe for a month and also a fifty percent to hang around with my partner’s household, so I really did not wish to tinker solution consultations at the time, and also whatever appeared to be back to regular.

After we returned, though, within a number of days, the trunk wouldn’t open once again. And the cam acted up a couple of times much like in the past. I opened up the trunk manually a number of times, but it would not begin working correctly again, so I understood it needed solution. I arranged a mobile service visit and also a couple of days later the ranger came and also examined it out. He had not seen this problem before but talked to a coworker that had seen it a couple of times in Texas. Below’s what it turned out the issue was:.

There’s an electrical wiring harness in the trunk door that carries cords from numerous points back there to the front (consisting of from the cams and also trunk lock). If a wire or 2 gets harmed, points stop working. In such a case, the whole harness needs to be changed. Right here’s a brief video of me just revealing that the trunk will not open trying from either the touchscreen or the trunk itself:.

This is not a mobile service job, and Tesla Model 3 Maintenance had to purchase a part prior to supplying the service. Ultimately, however, 3 weeks after I put in the first service request, I had an appointment at the neighborhood Tesla service facility and also brought the cars and truck in for the harness to be changed. It was all done under guarantee, so at no cost to me, aside from the time.

Changing Tires.

When the mobile service specialist visited to consider the trunk, as well as likewise at a previous solution check out when he pertained to change the 12V battery (see listed below), he examined the tire treads and some other points and also informed me the walk degree was low and also should be replaced quickly. Not wishing to bother with taking the auto to a separate location for tires, and trusting that Tesla would certainly offer me a bargain since Tesla’s purpose is to not make a profit on service and also to deal with clients well, I determined to simply select Tesla’s recommendations and not stress and anxiety. I have actually given that been told by an additional Tesla owner to just purchase tires through Tire Kingdom and that I paid way too much. Next time I will certainly look around a bit extra and have a lot more confidence in regional tire stores.

Tire Turning.

After a couple of months greater than one year of possession, and 8 months prior to replacing the tires, I had actually the tires turned by Tesla.

Cabin Air Filter Replacements.

At the exact same time as those tire rotation, I had the cabin air filter replaced. The specific summary from Tesla on the invoice is “A/C Smell Elimination (Using Evaporator Foam Cleaner, Replace Cabin Filters). That was the 2nd time I had the cabin air filter replaced. The very first time was a year prior to, and also just a couple of months after getting the automobile. We got the car right around the moment Tesla applied a software program upgrade to far better extend the life of the air filter because in humid climates (like Florida), it was getting stinky as well rapidly. As a result of all of that, Tesla change the filter as a free of charge service (on the house).

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